Privacy Policy

    This is valid from May 23, 2019

    1. PURPOSE

    The Studio Maska company recognizes the importance of the security of personal data and electronic transactions. Studio Maska considers the protection and safeguarding of these to be of utmost importance by taking all the necessary technical measures and complying with the applicable legislation.
    The trust of customers, partners and suppliers is of particular importance to Studio Maska. In order to maintain this trust, we must process personal data in a secure manner and in accordance with applicable legislation.
    The purpose of this policy is to inform the subjects about the data collected to serve them, to inform them about offers and new services. Through this policy, data subjects can be informed of their rights in accordance with current legislation.

    In the context of this policy:

    "Privacy" is any information through which a natural person is identifiable or can be identified.
    "Processing Personal Data" is any action taken using personal data such as the collection, storage, use thereof, disclosure to third parties, who undertake the management of personal data in the name and on behalf of Studio Maska to achieve a specific business purpose each time.


    The Studio Maska company recognizes that the existence of clear guidelines for the correct use of personal data is an integral part of the proper functioning of the company and is absolutely necessary to safeguard the personal data we manage, which may concern customers, partners and suppliers. For this reason Studio Maska
    • is committed to protecting the data of customers, partners and suppliers,
    • manages only those data that are necessary for legitimate business purposes,
    • provides its customers with information on the use of their data and how to exercise their rights
    • uses personal data for the benefit of its customers
    • complies with applicable regulations and legislation.
    Based on these principles regarding the security of personal data, the following apply:

    Collection and processing

    Studio Maska collects and processes personal data in a legal manner and in accordance with applicable law. The personal data that is collected and processed is absolutely necessary for the intended purpose in each case and there is a clear information of the subjects both in terms of the purpose of collecting and processing their data and in terms of their rights.

    Processing management
    Studio Maska provides the subjects with the possibility to manage their personal data and to manage the form of processing they want and if they want it. Studio Maska provides, in accordance with the applicable legislation and the transactional relationship that connects it with the data subjects, the possibility for the subjects to consent or withdraw their consent as the case may be.

    Data usage and retention period
    Studio Maska uses the subjects' data exclusively and solely for purposes related to its business activities. In any case, the use of the data is limited exclusively to the purpose for which it was collected. Studio Maska can use your data to inform you about offers, about new products, about new services and everything else related to the operation and organization of our company
    The retention time of the data is determined taking into account the purpose for which they have been collected and the applicable legislation. Studio Maska does not retain data for a longer period of time than is required either by the transactional relationship linking the data subject to Studio Maska, or by applicable law.

    Security measures
    Studio Maska has taken all appropriate technical measures to secure your personal data. It provides limited access only to those of its employees / partners it is necessary to have access to the data. It takes all necessary measures to prevent any unauthorized access, use or modification of this data. It complies with applicable legislation and has established procedures for data protection.

    Updated data
    Studio Maska always tries to ensure that the personal data it processes is always up-to-date, complete and relevant to the purpose of the processing carried out.

    Access to data
    Only authorized employees of Studio Maska have access to the data. Studio Maska collaborates with third-party companies for communication, advertising, and information purposes in which, if and when required, personal data is disclosed. Studio Maska ensures that these companies have taken all the necessary organizational and technical means for data protection and that they have informed and committed their employees to the confidential nature of this data.

    Exercise of rights
    Data subjects have the rights provided for in the applicable legislation. Studio Maska may object to the exercise of certain rights if this is required by law or court order.

    1. General issues

    Linking to other websites
    Via the Studio Maska website, it may be possible to connect to the websites of other companies. Studio Maska is not responsible towards users for any leakage of their personal data due to their use of third-party products and services through the company's website.

    Studio Maska may use cookies to identify the user. Cookies are small text files that are stored on each user's terminal, without receiving any information or gaining knowledge of the user's personal files or documents. Cookies are used exclusively to facilitate user access to specific products and/or services and for statistical purposes in order to determine the areas in which Studio Maska's products and/or services are popular or for marketing purposes.


    Use of cookies from the website
    Cookies are small text files that are stored on your computer by websites you visit or by certain emails you open. They are widely used to operate websites, as well as to provide commercial or marketing information to website owners.
    Studio Maska uses cookies on this website for the following purposes:

    1. Necessary cookies
    These cookies are necessary to visit our websites. These cookies enable, for example, navigation in the various sections of the website or filling out forms. If you reject cookies, some sections of the website may not work properly.

    2. Functional cookies
    Functional cookies are cookies that ensure you a more personalized browsing experience. These cookies store your preferences as well as your favorites settings.

    3. Performance cookies
    For performance monitoring purposes, we use cookies to collect information about the use of our websites by visitors with the aim, on the one hand, of satisfying more visitor needs and improving the content of our websites and, on the other hand, of facilitating use of our websites. For example, one particular cookie helps us count the number of unique visitors, while another identifies the pages that are most popular.

    4. Third party cookies
    So-called "third-party" cookies may be used to display personalized advertisements. Personalized ads are ads that are tailored to your gender, age, region or preferences. By using third-party cookies, no data about your identity is collected or stored.

    5. Embedded Content
    This website sometimes refers to other websites through a link that the user clicks on. During your visit to these external websites, cookies may also be created by them. For more information about the creation of cookies on these websites, Studio Maska suggests you consult the Privacy Policy of these websites.

    Delete or block cookies

    If you wish to block cookies, you can do so through the browser you use.

    Internet Explorer:

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